AFRICOM will resume its training with the Congolese military, it reinforced the analysis that Felix is definitely being controlled from Washington to counter among other things China and Russia’s interests in the DRC via Kabila.

In June 2020, I posted on my social media pages that I was concerned with the visit of Europeans to the DRC during COVID-19 pandemic. We had over 300 people flying to the DRC, mostly diplomats under the pretext of humanitarian support, leaving their families behind and risking their lives to come help us in the Congo, rather than Italy or Spain.

During that visit, the European Union delegation met with the Congolese president and it was reported that:

“La délégation cherche en effet à ce que les accords militaires signés avec les USA lors de la première visite du président congolais à Washington soient mis en œuvre.”

Translation: the delegation is indeed seeking to ensure that the military agreements signed with the USA during the Congolese president’s first visit to Washington are implemented.

Article in French:

What also caught my attention during this visit was the fact that the EU pressured the Congolese president to organize a dialogue with opposition leaders. I found it odd that they would be interested in this. Through a few calls I made, and analysis of protests that ensued after in Congo, I became clear that there was a foreign process to strengthen the regime of Felix in the executive branch, create a unity government and then press Kabila out of Congo.

So two days ago, when I saw the news on the US embassy website that AFRICOM will resume its training with the Congolese military, it reinforced the analysis that Felix is definitely being controlled from Washington to counter among other things China and Russia’s interests in the DRC via Kabila.

Here is what the head of Africom states about the military cooperation:

“I would also like to congratulate you and the FARDC on the Democratic Republic of the Congo’s recently raised status to Watch List Level 2 in the United States’ annual Trafficking in Persons Report. … As a result, the United States can now relaunch security cooperation programs with the Democratic Republic of Congo DRC, in particular by sending FARDC officers to international military education and training courses in the United States.”

the American army resumes its cooperation with Kinshasa

So… where does all of this take Congo as the world powers struggles to take control of the Congo in the middle of a global trade war?

There are many things at play at the moment as it relates to DRC. We have a very weak president who cheated his way to power and has no power. We have Kabila who is no longer president and still controls the entire country. We have US and China trade war manifesting itself in Congo. We have regional crisis on border demarcation with Zambia, discovery of lithium in Tanganyika and other rare earth minerals in Minembwe. We have the fear from the international community that Congolese are demanding the recognition of their genocide. We have a potential war to explode if the issue of massacres in the Kivus are not addressed, especially with the latest killings in Sange and Kipupy… and we have Dan Gertler who is still siphoning our money out of Congo while receiving 2.5% royalties on Congo’s cobalt sold to Tesla by Glencore. In all of this, the Congolese people are still fighting to liberate themselves, and in my view the solution is: Panafricanism, the only salvation that can corner the multiple forces against Congo from Nairobi to Kinshasa going through Kampala and Kigali.

I continue to say that the declared winner of the 2018 presidential elections Felix Tshisekedi is very dangerous for the Congo. He signed a secret deal that allowed Kabila to stay in power while not being the president. Felix also signed deals with the US, the World Bank and IMF, mining corporations, etc in his quest to secure power from outside rather than engaging with the people in the Congo who truly holds real power. He also cut deals with Rwanda’s Paul Kagame where we have now more Rwandan troops incursions in the Congo as they conduct secret military operations to stop “rebel groups” they say plan to destabilize Rwanda. Felix as the second Vice President of the Africa Union, has declared that the Congo will open a diplomatic mission in Jerusalem as an extension of the economic office of the Congolese embassy in Israel which will be open in Tel Aviv, effectively joining the likes of Trump recognizing illegally that Jerusalem belongs to Israel and dispossessing Palestinians from their land.

There is more to add of the dangers Felix is bringing down on the Congolese people. The ignorance of the Felix regime is causing them to not learn from history about military cooperation where the war in the Congo is a direct result of US foreign policy supporting dictators in Rwanda and Uganda by training their militaries with US tax payers money.

Young Congolese… remember what I shared before: Congo is in dire need of a revolution and this will not come through an election. Get engaged in this struggle to free our country and rid ourselves of these neocolonial agents who are worrying about their bellies and not liberation.

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